Jilion RSS Feed

•Several buttons linking to contact information, websites, ect.
•Small design for compact space

Atmosphir News Widget

•Some more UI tweaks
•Got rid of the slideshow, yet the large file size is still present
•Reduced the amount of code

Newest update as of 3/22/10
V 2.2.0
•Enhanced the search bar. No hitting anything, just type it in and it will search automatically. You don't even need to hit 'Enter'
•Added language support for Spanish, German, and Japanese

V 2.2.1
•The news page for Atmosphir isn't up yet, so we've made the RSS feed from Atmosphir's Facebook page. It's very different and it doesn't look as clean and is worse than the original. This is temporary unless they make that new news page. Fast.
•UI Failures. Yup. Search doesn't work, and the Atmosphir Forums button doesn't work because it is in very private beta that requires sign in just to view them.